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pregnant manga

Of you want a really messed up manga, read kodomo no kodomo which means Child's Child. It's about an 11 year old who gets pregnant and. Complete list of the best pregnancy manga! Characters in these manga must deal with a planned or unexpected pregnancy. Or, the manga showcases. Anyone know of any manga's that have pregnancy involved in them? Names and maybe chapters involving such would help me very much.

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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Martial arts are techniques that heavily involve training and are steeped in tradition. Ryder wakes up to find the girl he spent the previous night with is gone. Some Dystopias might appear to be utopias, but once you look beneath the surface, terrible secrets are exposed. These Historical manga are set in the 16th century. Blue Summer, a wealthy farm owner, offers him financial aid in return for Allison's hand in marriage. A Pilot Chapter is a special type of One Shot manga.

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